How it all got started…

When Kathy Peoples was growing up, she always had a sketch pad in her hands. She loved pen & ink and oil painting. As she grew into her teenage years, she took a lot of photographs with a 126 camera. Then when she graduated High School, she was given the gift of a GAF 35mm manual SLR camera by her parents and a friend and that started it all!

Her new found journey started when she opened her studio taking photographs professionally in 1984. She served on the board of Delaware Valley Guild of Professional Photographers for 5 years and was also president of the Guild’s APPSO organization. She also held the title of Certified Professional Photographer with PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and belongs to several other professional organizations.

At Katydid we teach classes of all sorts, all to do with cameras and photography. I hope I will touch your heart and put a smile on your face when you view my photographs. This gives me a great sense of satisfaction just knowing I’ve captured your heart.  -Kathy