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Workshops are on location with Kathy Peoples as your instructor. Check them out below.

Cell Phone Photography Workshop
Cell Phone Photography Workshop
Learn how to capture a masterpiece with your cellphone! We will discuss • how to get the exposure right on your cell phone • composition and the different rules • using the light in front of you • how to enhance the color of your photos • how to manipulate your photos using free Apps.
Date: Wed. Sept. 27, 2017

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm
Fireworks in New Hope
Fireworks in New Hope

Come join me as I teach you how to get great results with a tripod, long exposures, and burst shooting. We'll also go over all the ways to shoot for great results. No two fireworks are ever the same!

Bring your tripod, camera, wide angle lens, zoom lens, a blanket, mosquito repellent and a flashlight. Charge up your batteries. Get ready for a great night! I will forward my cell # to you after you sign up so we can all sit together.

We will attempt to get some sunset shots of the town before shooting the 9:30 fireworks start.
Date: Friday, Sept. 1, 2017

Time: 8:30-10:30 pm

Macro photography shooting flowers and insects
Macro photography shooting flowers and insects

This is a Hands-on Learning Experience.

So many of us need more hands-on practice with our cameras. Here's your chance to learn the settings, ask your questions, have me show you how to use the most important parts of your camera!

This on-hands photo workshop will cover, in the field, how to use Aperture and/or Manual to your advantage. Don't be intimidated any more by all the features of your camera!

Learn professional techniques on how to achieve out of focus, soft bokeh backgrounds with in-focus flower petals. No matter what equipment you use, Katydid will show you how to create compositionally pleasing images with soft beautiful pleasing colors. We'll also be looking for complimentary colors to make your photos pop. Have you often wondered about buying a macro lens, close-up filters or a long lens for different looks? This equipment will be on hand to try out before you buy.

We'll be going over Av and M modes during this shoot, using various lenses and reflectors. Tripods are optional.
Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017
Time: 10:00-12:00 pm

Location: Churchville Nature Center
Inspiration and Vision
Inspiration and Vision

Learn how to See, Compose and Create art thru your camera.

This class includes lots!

Four 1-1/2 hour Private Sessions ALONG with TWO 15 min. critique sessions.

Go at your leisure to schedule your private time. It is suggested that you try and come once a week or every other week for best results. Technical camera info and shooting time will be included with lessons.

Personal private lessons with instructor Kathy Peoples.
Learn To Photograph Your OWN Children
Learn To Photograph Your OWN Children

Learn how to photograph your OWN children.

By utilizing our studio, you get...

- One hour of session time to shoot your kids with your camera

- Oversee the session to help with equipment settings and exposures

- Posing help and techniques

- You keep the images you created

- A fun experience with your own family

Includes studio use, lights and Katydid herself

Ongoing dates available. Call at (215) 672-5686 or Email us to set up an appointment:




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